Charitable purpose of States List Puzzle

First posted 2 November 2002 at 0124 GMT
Last updated 9 December 2002 at 2115 GMT

REDMOND, Washington The primary purpose of the States List Puzzle is to raise funds for charity. 

The puzzle was developed by a Microsoft group manager, who posted list on the office bulletin board.  Anyone with a guess would put one dollar into the pot, and the puzzle creator would confirm whether or not the guess was correct.  Thus far, no one has guessed the correct answer.  All money paid into the pot, without any deduction, will be contributed to charity.

Since the puzzle has spread beyond the office bulletin board, the Internet and email will be used to achieve the charitable purpose of the puzzle.  Participants are requested to make contributions to the charity for participating in the puzzle.

Every penny contributed will be donated to the designated charity of Microsoft.

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