Clues to puzzle's solution

First posted 2 November 2002 at 0124 GMT
Last updated 9 December 2002 at 2124 GMT

REDMOND, Washington Since the puzzle began in January, 2001, the puzzle creator has provided several major clues to its solution.

Not a hoax

One of the most important clues is that the States List Puzzle is not a hoax.

Because many researchers spent so much time without success in searching for a solution, some began to wonder if the puzzle was merely a hoax.  Some suggested, for example, that the list may be simply a random list of state names with no significance.  Others suggested that the "solution" may be a list of state names so personal to the puzzle creator (e.g., the order in which the puzzle creator first visited the states), that there is no meaningful opportunity for researchers to identify the solution.

However, the puzzle creator verifies that that puzzle is not a hoax and that the list if not so personal or insignificant that there is no meaningful opportunity for researchers to find the correct solution.

Other clues

There are several additional major clues to the solution of the States List Puzzle. 

The purpose of the puzzle is to raise funds for charitable purposes, which is the reason for the significant prize, which is offered to the first person to correctly solve the puzzle.  In order to encourage charitable contributions by those attempting to solve the puzzle, the complete list of clues will be emailed to participants upon their registration.

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